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“Bill believes in what he is doing. He sees coaching as a calling and not a job. To that end, he reads widely and well, keeping up with the literature only of coaching but of psychology, group dynamics, retirement, and a variety of other subjects that are of importance to his clients.” – CR

“Bill was an exemplary coach. He listened well, asked probing questions, helped me clarify some of my most important values and allowed me the space to explore what it would mean for me to leave my long-held professional identify as a lawyer.” – SM

“Bill was able to help me assess my workload and volunteer responsibilities that were adding unnecessary chaos to my life. He helped me see that I was a compulsive ‘yes’ person. During one of our coaching sessions, Bill took out a bright green card and wrote ‘No is okay’ on it and handed it to me. I still have that card to this day as a reminder to myself that I can’t do it all.” – CJ

“Bill very quickly understood my issues and concerns and was able to offer very insightful feedback about how I might proceed in my new position.” – LH

“I felt the control and focus return as I worked through assignments to help me assess my skills and interests, values and goals. The reading materials provided insight on balancing work and life. And, most importantly, we talked about not only what I envisioned as obstacles – personal, financial, professional – but also options through and around these perceived obstacles. It was a pivotal time. As a result of your coaching and guidance I [have] renewed focus, energy, and passion for life.” – GD

“I was able to clarify not only what I wanted out of life but the strengths and experiences which I could bring to achieve those goals.” – EC

“I found the sessions to be highly satisfactory as I was wrestling with the challenge of what to do next professionally. Through your coaching I was able to see that I needed a change in circumstance to truly find my passion again.” – WB

“[Coaching] created an environment for me to become more effective as meeting my goals, staying focused, and finding peace in my life. Bill helped me stay grounded in my plans and committed to my purpose.” – MU

“In today’s ever-changing environment, it has been very helpful to have an executive coach of Mr. Lindberg’s ability and integrity.” – HV

“His encouragement and guidance resulted in significant, positive changes that impact me to this day. I found his coaching to be most effective in producing the type of incentive and reflection I needed to fulfill life-long dreams while always balancing the practical obligations of everyday life.” – TW

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