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We work with men and women – baby boomers, more often than not – who want to become clear on their core values and priorities, map out a plan for the next chapter of their life and/or career, and design a future that includes success, meaning, purpose, balance and enjoyment.

Do any of the following scenarios ring true for you?

  • At this stage in my life I feel like things should be getting easier . . . that I should be able to slow down a little bit. Instead, life just seems to get more complex with each passing year. It’s overwhelming. Time is flying by and I’m not sure I’m on the right track. I need to either change this trajectory or learn to manage the pace and complexity better.
  • My career needs a makeover. I’m not ready to retire but I don’t want to spend the next decade or two doing exactly what I’m doing now. I want work to be meaningful and feel exciting again. I’d like to either revitalize my current career or take a hard look at changing it altogether.
  • I’m fortunate to have reached many of the goals I set out to achieve during the first half of my life. Now I’m ready to give back – to my community, my profession, my family. The problem is that I’m not sure exactly what I want to do or how to go about it. This idea of leaving a legacy is appealing, but I’m stuck.
  • My future feels very uncertain to me, scary almost. My kids are in college but they’re not nearly as independent as I was at their age. My parents are aging and need my support. My spouse and I aren’t getting any younger and we’re beginning to think about how we can maintain our health and financial well-being as we near retirement. I need a plan so that I can juggle all of this and feel more secure.

If you’re shaking your head, saying “yes, that’s me” to any of the above pictures, you’ll want to keep reading to find out about our approach to coaching and how it could work for you. Click here.

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